Designed as modern houses, they have a respect for the character context of Mt Cook.

Project Type: Multiunit Residential, Townhouses

Location: Wallace Street, Mt Cook, Wellington.

Status: Currently under construction

Seldom does the opportunity present itself to create new dwellings on prominent streets of inner character suburbs such as Mt Cook. When a house falls into a state of such disrepair that it becomes a public hazard thus allowing a pre-1930 to be demolished on a fast-tracked basis, the road of negotiation through the consenting process presents new possibilities. Located in the middle of the busy and somewhat iconic character filled Wallace Street, these four townhouses respond to the unique characteristics of this particular site. A public walkway forms the northern boundary and thus opened up the opportunity to provide access along the long narrow site, as such four townhouses fill the compact site, three of them accessed from the walkway.

Designed as modern houses, they have a respect for the character context of Mt Cook, they are have a restraint in their scale, form and language that sits comfortably within the surrounding neighbourhood. Careful design has efficiently created integrated internal and external living, with the intimate courtyard spaces of each house being a private extension of the ground floor open plan living. Each townhouse has two upstairs bedrooms, with ceilings following the roof lines creating a sense of volume to make the most of their efficient layouts. Carparking has been kept to a minimum with only the street edge house having a garage, the other three have no parks, responding to the location within easy walking distance to the CBD and directly on a major bus route.

Successfully pre-sold prior to construction commencing, these will be completed in mid to late 2018.

Wallace St Townhouses
Work in progress
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We tasked Solari Architects with a brief to build a quality and affordable apartment complex. They yet again exceeded our expectations.