Testimonial Vedado Multi-unit Residential

Vedado Multi-unit Residential
Client: Vladimir Barbalich. Property Investor.
James and the Solari team worked with me previously on the Sharella Nouveau Development.

What makes James stand out from other architects is that he’s easy to work with. He’s open minded, down to earth and when it comes to discussing plans and layouts and he isn’t too precious – there’s no ego. He is also very good at listening and coming up with creative solutions. He gets the grasp of what you’re saying, takes it on board and works with it.

Vedado is a multi-unit development with the intention to be held as an investment for short and long-term accommodation. James has been exceptional at designing this development and has not only delivered a design that fits the brief but a project that meets the budget – something that is usually very difficult to achieve. I put this down to the fact that James takes into account potential bill costs when designing your project and always finds a balance between look, style and budget. He is always thinking about maximising the return on your investment, which is an asset in itself.

James is a fantastic communicator and has been incredibly beneficial when dealing with the Wellington City Council, who can be extremely difficult at times, to get resource consent. He understands every aspect of your project fully and is able to bat for you.

From an urban design perspective the work of James and the Solari Architects team always gets really good feedback. How a project is designed is a critical part of the resource consent process. James’ experience working with large projects overseas really shows in this area. James is also very good at sorting out issues on sight as they arise. He is intuitive and quick to respond so no time is wasted waiting – this is very important, as delays can be incredibly costly.

A project’s success largely comes down to communication and relationships between everyone involved in the project. James is personable and as mentioned before, a very good communicator. He is fantastic at consulting with other contractors and consultants during the process. Usually builders aren’t fans of architects but James is respected by and has a good rapport with contractors on site.

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